Air Purifier Humidifier Reviews: What To Look For

boneco-air-purifierYou are either living in a dry part of the world or as Jon Snow so often warns us “winter is coming”. In the colder months the humidity drops which can cause problems with health and our indoor environment. But you also want to have a home with clean fresh air for a number of reasons. An air purifier humidifier can be an effective solution to both problems. Read this air purifier humidifier review to find a machine that will suit your situation and needs. Continue reading

Is It Safe To Use A Filterless Air Purifier?

ionic-air-purifierA filterless air purifier seems like an easy solution to the problem of poor indoor air quality. In certain situations, they can be. But they can be dangerous if you don’t have all the facts. In this article, I will help you to understand how a filterless air purifier will affect your home environment.Continue reading

Remove Dust From Air – Without An Air Purifier

dust-in-the-airSo you or a person you are living with is suffering from allergies to dust or asthma. Dust in the home can become a problem and will often trigger a reaction. This article will help you to reduce the amount of dust in your living space without the help of an air purifier. To remove dust from air in your home doesn’t need to be an expensive or complicated process…Continue reading

HEPA Air Purifier: Everything You Need To Know

hepa-filter-1Having clicked on this link, I am assuming that you have been searching different kinds of air purifiers on the web. But you are
probably a little confused by a few of the terms. When you look at a number of different products the phrase HEPA air purifier keeps coming up… This can lead to confusion and it is important to understand what the term HEPA meansContinue reading

What To Expect From An Austin Air Filter


Austin Air Filter Bedroom machine

Austin air purifiers, or sometimes referred to as Austin air filters, are a high quality, top end brand. The company is based in Buffalo, New York. An Austin Air Filter is advertised to purify the air to a standard of a hospital clean room. It does not have some of the deluxe features of other brands. But they concentrate on the essentials of air purification, which they do extremely well! Long life filters and extended warranties come with every product.Continue reading

Blueair Air Purifier: Positives Vs Negatives

Blueair 403

Blueair is a Swedish based company that specializes in air purifiers. It was first established in 1996. Since then it has become one of the most popular brands in the market. The largest markets for the Blueair Air Purifier are the United States, Korea, and China. The company is renowned for being innovative and practical in its designs and features. For more than 10 years, Blueair Air Purifiers have boasted the highest Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR) of any other company, which are verified by AHAM.Continue reading

Buying A Pet Air Purifier – The Good, The Bad And The Hairy

I am guessing you have arrived on this page because you or someone in your household is suffering from a pet related allergy or asthma. 
For some of us, living in a pet free house is not an option. But we still want to be comfortable at home… The best option is to have a pet air purifier to target the specific allergens that are bothering you. Continue reading